--Everything you can do with paint and canvas, you can do with words, sounds and the body,

--As we broaden and deepen our awareness and understanding of ourselves and our culture, the liberating and joyful  transformation of values we all seek becomes increasingly inevitable.

--For reasons that will be explored more fully in other writings on this site, it's helpful to understand that it's only normal for us to be resistant to an acceptance of these pervasive subliminal aspects and affects of language. Our new technologies have suddenly put us in a position to take much better care of ourselves, both as individuals and as groups, but only if we can also become more effectively aware of our old systems of self-protection, and particularly those ameliorative aspects of them that include a tacit acceptance that the dangers from which they would protect us or the pains they would soothe would be otherwise inevitable. Only such awareness as we can derive through these new, "internally"-focused mind-body techniques can help us put these old (linguistic) defenses into the context of their present-day obsolescence, as opposed to their historical normative and relatively beneficial roles.

--As we become more aware of this level in the workings of language, the way we use the words, and which ones we use when--and whether we still use them at all--will all be affected. By its very nature, the same sort of self-awareness that went into the creation of the old system of communications will, as it advances one notch "closer in" psychophysiologically and one notch farther out, sociologically, will begin to modify that old system into one more suited to the potentialities of the new technological world we have invented.


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