To Try Yourself

Try a comparative sound-affect analysis of the following three words: schedule, school, skill.

What sorts of sound effects do they have in common?

What similar sorts of emotions (affects), if any,  do they evoke in you?

What are some of the most obvious ways they differ in any or all of the above?


Hint: In distinguishing the word "skill" from the other two words, in what significant way might the addition of the extra or silent letter to produce the same sound (sch as compared with sk) effect a speaker, reader and./or listener's sense of timing?



If you are still curious as to how this kind of analysis works after giving a try to the words above, take a crack at the word skill from another "sound perspective" by analyzing it in terms of these three words: ill, hill, skill.  Hint: some of the sound effects and affects of ill and Bill are analyzed elsewhere on this site.