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Writing, Editing, and Tutoring Services

Guaranteed excellence and satisfaction in all writing, editing, proofreading, and tutoring jobs in English and the Social Sciences. Experience editing in legal and medical areas as well. When required, a quick turnaround using Google Docs is guaranteed. While a fixed price for specific writing and editing projects is preferred, I am willing to negotiate a mutually agreeable hourly rate for shorter jobs. If you wish, if you are considering hiring me for a longer job, I can also provide you with a satisfactory sample of the work you want done, i.e., a couple of written pages for writing jobs or a couple of edited or proofed pages for editing and proofreading jobs. If you decide I can't do it better and more affordably than anyone else you can find, you don't have to hire me.

I also have a good deal of experience teaching and tutoring students from Junior High School through College in English, Creative and Expository Writing, and Social Studies. I'm very knowledgeable in most subjects and skills involving the English language, as well as in the Social Sciences. Although it is not noted on the resume below, I have also run and participated in small creative writing groups for much of my life, and I've had much success helping other people with their own creative process.

I've been working in Microsoft Word for many decades and recently become quite proficient using Google Docs. I am also entirely open to using Skype or other webcam applications for interfacing with clients and instructing students.

As you also might see from some of the content in the links to the right of this page, I have done all sorts of writing. Of course, feel free to explore this content as you may wish, but also know that when I am working for you, my own thoughts and skills are only relevant to the extent that you think they might help improve the work you need me to do for you.

I am putting a copy of my resume below, so that you may see in more detail the breadth and extent of my professional experience and volunteer work.


Lee J. Strauss
(786) 227-3001


Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Sep 1991 – Jun 1993
Graduate Studies in Social & Biological Anthropology

Rice University, Houston, TX June 1974 – Aug 1977
Rice University Course in Publishing

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL Sept 1974 – June 1977
Divisional Masters Degree in the Social Sciences, MA

Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH Sep 1965 – Jun 1969
Distinction in English, BA

Professional Experience

Self Employed (Writing): Nonfiction and fiction Sep 2010 – Jun 2013

Rockport High School, Rockport, MA
Substitute Teacher
Taught English, Math, Social Studies, History

Self Employed (Writing): Nonfiction, fiction, and plays Sep 2005 – Sep 2010

Gloucester Public School, Grades 7-12
Tutor, Substitute Teacher
Taught English, Social Studies, History
Tutor to socially and developmentally-challenged students

Self Employed (Writing): Nonfiction, fiction, and plays Sep 2000 – Sep 2011

Self Employed (Writing): Nonfiction, fiction, and plays Jun 1993 – Jul 2000

Addison-Wesley, Houghton-Mifflin, etc.
Freelance editor: Fiction and non-fiction
Worked for major Boston publishers

U.S. Postal Service
Freelance Writer/Consultant
Training to Reduce Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Rockport High School, Rockport MA
Substitute Teacher
Taught English, Math, Social Studies, History
Self Employed (Writing): Non-fiction Sep 1991 – Aug 1993

Self Employed (Writing): Non-fiction, fiction and plays Sep 1980 – Jun 1990
Finished writing the non-fiction book,
Towards A Biology of Culture, as well as many essays and works
of short fiction

Endicott College, Beverly, MA
Adjunct Teacher
Taught English and Social Studies

Glen Urquhart School, Beverly, MA
Adjunct Teacher
Taught English and Creative Writing

W.W. Norton, Praeger Publishers, Doubleday, Grosset & Dunlap, Mar 1978 – Jul 1980
MacMillan, St. Martin’s Press, McGraw Hill,
Prentice-Hall, etc., New York, New York
In-house and freelance editor, fiction and non-fiction

The Rockefeller Foundation, New York, New York Sep 1977 – Mar 1978
Consultant in the Humanities
Wrote the RF Working Paper,
Humanities,Centers and Institutes in the U.S.

Self-Employed (Writing): Short fiction Sep 1973 – Aug 1974

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Charlottesville, VA Jun 1973- Aug 1973
Writer in Residence

Lake Forest Academy/The Ferry Hall School, Lake Forest, IL Sep 1971 – Jun 1973
Taught English, Creative Writing, Conducted advanced
seminars In selected literary subjects
Created and advised the school literary magazine
Coached school tennis team to league championship

South Paris Junior High School, South Paris, ME Sep 1969 – Jun 1970
Taught English
Created and advised the school literary magazine
Drama Coach
Supervised a student theatrical production, the melodrama:
Love Rides the Rails, or Will the Mail Train Run Tonight

Volunteer Experience

Negril Chamber of Commerce, Negril, Jamaica Aug 2013 – Dec 2016
Created and managed The Gateway Theatre
Financed, produced and directed two full-length theatrical
productions and several shorter ones:
Tutored at nearby schools

Blackburn Theater, Gloucester, MA Sep 2005 – Sep 2010
Writer, Director
Directed the theatrical production of my comic political play,
Following The Leader
Theatrical and televised production of my farcical play, Spitballs

The Population Connection-Boston, Boston, MA Sep 2000 – Sep 2011

The New England Coalition for Sustainable Population,
Organized and directed conferences connecting topics
related to overpopulation and scarce resources
Guest lecturer on population issues at Tufts University,
Brandeis University, etc.

Blackburn Theater, Gloucester, MA June 2007
Writer, Director, Actor
Wrote, directed and starred in a stage adaptation of
Vincent Ferrini’s autobiography, Hermit of the Clouds,
Gloucester, MA

The Population Connection’s Boston newsletter Oct 1995 – Mar 1996
The Crowded Planet, Boston, MA
Writer, columnist, and editor-in-chief

Gloucester Public Library, Gloucester, MA June 1998 – Sep 1998
Volunteer Teacher
Taught Adult ESL Classes

The Cape Ann Theater, Gloucester, MA June 1982 – Sep 1983
Directed a major theatrical production, Send in the Clowns

Jane Adams Center, Hull House, Chicago IL Sep 1973 – Aug 1974
Taught English to special/dyslexic students
Organized sports and games for adolescents